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Fight the dirty conditions everywhere! – Support the self-managed Vio.Me factory in Thessaloniki and the refugees in Moria

By Beyond Europe — April 7th 2020 at 11:46

A call from Beyond Europe and friends: Connecting struggles in times of Covid 19 and beyond

#levanenoonebehind #powertoviome

– German version below –

Let’s support the workers of viome by buying their products, which will be sent directly to Moria to make them available to the refugees. This way we can help the refugees in Moria with their Corona prevention and and support at the same time the workers of viome to achieve a self-sufficient power supply for their factory as a basis for their continuance of production.

In the midst of the pandemic, the world is holding its breath. Only relevant professions are being carried out and people are encouraged to stay at home and keep their distance. So far so good, if fundamental rights would not be trampled to further develop the authoritarian efforts. At the same time people in the overcrowded refugee camps at the external borders of the EU are suffering in dirty conditions without the possibility to take any precautions against the virus and left alone in their misery.

While the Greek health care system was stripped down for years by the Troika, the Greek state under the new conservative government of Kyriakos Mitsotakis can think of nothing better than to shut down the self-organised soap factory viome with the help of the anti riot police (MAT) to stop its production of Soap. hands-off-vio-me-occupied-soap-factory-powered-off/

We say no to the attack on human rights at the external borders and to the attack on self-organized labour collectives!

Together with the workers of Vio.Me we connect both struggles. We’ll build a solidarity network that should last beyond the times of Corona.

The inhumane misery camps, however, must be evacuated! A little bit of soap remains only a drop in the ocean. We must continue to do everything possible to free the people from Moria and other camps.

Fight the dirty conditions everywhere! Our weapon remains solidarity!

Please transfer your donations to the following account:
kosmotique e.V.
GLS Gemeinschaftsbank e.G.
IBAN: DE83430609671130360500
!subject matter of the bank transfer!: Soap for Moria

Call of the workers and the solidarity comitee of Vio.Me:




Kampf den schmutzigen Zuständen!

Unterstützt die selbstverwaltete Fabrik Vio.Me in Thessaloniki und die Geflüchteten in Moria

#levanenoonebehind #powertoviome

Ein Aufruf von Beyond Europe und friends: Lasst uns die Kämpfe verbinden. In Zeiten von Corona und darüber hinaus

Lasst uns die Arbeiter*innen von Vio.Me unterstützen, indem wir ihre Produkte kaufen, die dann direkt nach Moria geschickt werden, um sie den Geflüchteten zur Verfügung zu stellen. So können wir einerseits den Geflüchteten in Moria bei der Corona- Prävention helfen und andererseits den Arbeiter*innen von Vio.Me helfen, eine autarke Stromversorgung ihrer Fabrik als Grundlage ihres Fortbestehens zu realisieren.

Im Zuge der Pandemie hält die Welt ihren Atem an. Nur noch relevante Berufe werden ausgeführt und die Menschen werden dazu angehalten zu Hause zu bleiben und auf Abstand zu gehen. Soweit so gut, würden dabei nicht Grundrechte mit Füßen getreten, die autoritären Bestrebungen weiter auszubauen. Parallel dazu verelenden Menschen in den überfüllten Refugee Camps an den EU-Außengrenzen im Dreck, ohne jegliche Vorsichtsmaßnahmen gegen das Virus treffen zu können, und werden so ihrem Schicksal überlassen.

Während das griechische Gesundheitssystem jahrelang kaputt gespart wurde, fällt dem griechischen Staat unter der neuen konservativen Regierung von Kyriakos Mitsotakis nichts besseres ein, als der selbstorganisierten Seifenfabrik Vio.Me unter Einsatz von Aufstandsbekämpfungseinheiten (MAT) den Strom abzustellen, um deren Seifenproduktion lahm zu legen. vio-me-occupied-soap-factory-powered-off/

Wir sagen Nein zu menschenverachtenden Bedingungen an den EU- Außengrenzen und zu dem Angriff auf selbstverwaltete Arbeitskollektive!

Gemeinsam mit den Arbeiter:innen von Vio.Me verbinden wir beide Kämpfe. Wir bauen ein solidarisches Netzwerk auf, dass auch über die Zeiten von Corona hinaus Bestand haben soll.

Die menschenunwürdigen Elendslager müssen evakuiert werden! Ein wenig Seife bleibt nur ein Tropfen auf den heißen Stein. Wir müssen weiterhin alles dafür tun, die Menschen aus Moria und anderen Lagern zu befreien.

Kampf den schmutzigen Zuständen! Unsere Waffe bleibt Solidarität!

Überweist eure Spenden bitte auf folgendes Konto:
kosmotique e.V.
GLS Gemeinschaftsbank e.G.
IBAN: DE83430609671130360500
!Verwendungszweck!: Seife für Moria

Aufruf der Arbeiter:innen und des Solidaritätskomitees von Vio.Me:

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Evros and Lesbos – the postponed catastrophe – Call for solidarity

By Beyond Europe — March 10th 2020 at 15:42

More than ever we need: open borders, freedom of movement and a whole different world

Barbarism has reached Europe. No, when we speak of barbarism, we are certainly not referring to the thousands of vulnerable people looking for shelter, who have made it out of the Middle East hell – the global playing field for imperialists of all stripes – and are now at Europe’s gates to the next hell. By barbarism we mean those who are making Europe into hell in the first place. These include the mob of right-wing extremists and “concerned citizens” on Lesbos and in Evros, who go on manhunts and give a damned concrete taste of what fascism looks like. These include their brothers and sisters in faith from all over Europe and the world, in huts or skyscrapers, who tell us that an impossible, bloody journey into the past is the solution to all problems and who, in return, go over mountains of corpses and leave a scorched earth behind. These include Frontex, police, border guards and other disgusting authorities who seemingly rationalize the same project with a devious (neo-)liberal attitude. Last but not least, there is this EU, which has never solved this very situation with its foul Erdogan deal, rather only postponed it for a few years and has been in a stranglehold by the Turkish dictator for years. After all, laws had to be passed, election campaigns had to be won and power had to be secured on the old continent. Congratulations, Europe, at the very latest now you have home-grown barbarism in action and images that many thought impossible.

The demand for open borders, for freedom of movement and finally for a different world – based on the principles of equality, priority of human needs on a global scale, peace, sustainability and ecology – are no longer radical, abstract demands. For a long time they were dismissed, with a benevolent “This is a fine description of the conditions for a utopian world yet far away”. This made it difficult for the people with these demands to have an impact on the breadth and depth of the issue, since the right-wing nightmare of fortress, shooting order, militarization, military build-up and authoritarian escalation against “globalism” was so damned concrete in its murderous intent. The pictures of Lesbos and Evros now make our demands and a world for open borders, freedom of movement and this very different world based on the above mentioned principles as damn concrete as necessary. And you know what? That this is not “radical enough” for some people doesn’t interest us at all. Come on out of your bubble. Because it is right, so damn right, to demand exactly that and to answer the question “Which side are you on” clearly. By the way, the answer is not “a new 2015” and thus the miserable attempt from the left to occupy this historic breach in the dam for right-wing extremists and right-wing populists all over the place. In case you forgot: after 2015, a very short of phase of welcoming and solidarity, came the AfD, came Bolsonaro, came Trump and so on. And they came to stay. The answer is: get your hands dirty in the here and now, break open traditions that are far removed from reality, and off into the turmoil – for the future for all and against barbarism.
So this is a call for action to our friends, those who dont fall in the neutrality trap and choose to pick a side!

Let’s show to all migrants and refugees that they are not alone and practice solidarity , instead of seeing them as the state sees them, instruments in geopolitical games. Let us all organise actions in our cities and put pressure on the EU to open the borders. The start has already been made in the past week, let us continue!

We, as Beyond Europe, will support our friends in the antifascist demonstration on Saturday on Lesbos also and try to make a media coverage of the situation on the island.






Beyond Europe, March 2020

Translations: german

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Capitalism kills our future – Join the global climate strike!

By Beyond Europe — September 17th 2019 at 16:35

It is never too late to join a movement: We call on all anti-capitalists and anti-authoritarians to participate in the demonstrations, actions and strikes of the 20-27 September. The current climate movement is perhaps one of the best things that could happen to us – against the authoritarian formation everywhere and for a different future for all! Feel free to print and distribute this text, paint a banner with the slogan “Capitalism kills our future” or to reproduce our stickers. You will find the resources under the text.

There must be some kind of way outta here…

Bob Dylan, All along the watchtower

The headlines are flashing. Disaster reports of peat fires in the Arctic, the record speed melting polar ice caps and last but not least the alarming forest fires in the Amazon region, made possible by the racist and pro-capitalist policies of right-wing conservative Bolsonaro. The last example very impressively illustrates the two threats that are currently leading to a double course of events in our time: The planet is being destroyed and the new fascists are pushing for power.

Trump, Bolsonaro and Co. accordingly join the anti-climate alliance, which sees itself as an opposition and thus clearly stands behind the interest of capital. Even if Marie le Pen in her last speech stages herself as a “climate protector” and thus pursues a supposedly new strategy, she is in no way inferior to her male colleagues, “each for himself” is to survive and the blame for any misery is to be found in the other. Whether it is the local bio-bourgeoisie in the metropolis (which is opposed by the simple people of the diesel drivers), the “refugees” who flow to us and destroy our ecological values, or the overpopulation in the global South – whether national climate protection or homeland protection – they are both on one side of the same coin. On the other side is conservative-authoritarian climate denial. The combination of the two serves nothing but the interests of growth and isolation, ultimately capitalist exploitation.

Others anticipated the climate crisis earlier and turned it into a good – not only political – business. This refers to the green liberals who want to tame deregulated capitalism with a green face under the “Green Capitalism” brand. The moderate demands formulated in this context quickly reveal that the sacred principles of the market, hidden behind the “cloak of feasibility”, should not be touched in this process. But the contradiction between profit interest and ecological sustainability is always resolved within the system at the expense of the environment and ultimately mankind.

The climate crisis does not hit “us” all equally hard. Even now people are fleeing not only from war and hunger, but from the next climate catastrophe, in which women, by the way, have a 14 times higher chance of dying, in order to line up in the capitalist centres of the global North behind the marginalised of deindustrialisation. Perfidiously, the industrial nations of the global North – whether right-wing or neoliberal – have caused climate change, but they will be the least affected. An apocalyptic existentialism – i.e. putting the naked survival of the species in the foreground – deliberately overlooks precisely this fact. According to the elite, it should be important that enough people should abstain – or that in the end the “right people” survive in Noah’s Ark. The change of strategy in the right-wing camp indicates that the problem should not be denied, but that an alleged “overpopulation” in the global South is to blame. The latter doesn’t exist because it’s not about how many people live on the planet, but how their needs are met and their coexistence organized.

So what should we do? Buy enough air conditioners for the whole world? Raise protective walls from endangered coastal cities? Or how many billionaires in Silicon Valley dream of emigrating into space? All these solutions will hardly be possible – except for the rich who want to expand their precious life horizon in the short term. The most useful project for a society that wants to survive is another new deal: the social, system-critical and feasible one. In this sense: smash CARpitalism, fight the fascists and show an undead system how to die. And above all, join the wonderful climate movements everywhere!

On 20th and 27th September we will meet at the Beyond Europe banners!



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