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[Beyond Europe] Going for the revolutionary 8th of March!

By siata

On this 8th of March, Beyond Europe takes an antiauthoritarian, anti-capitalist and anti-nationalist stance in the feminist struggles. This means that we are moving beyond traditional borders and radicalizing hegemonic narratives. The traditional approaches that link patriarchy either only to the state or capitalism need to be overridden so that they can be considered antiauthoritarian.

By drawing attention to the facts that patriarchy is the oldest system of oppression but also has the ability to move beyond borders and norms, we call upon its authoritarian structure.

Let’s fight authority on all its levels: from the local to the transnational. Join us in solidarity by supporting your local groups which strive for feminist demands.

We, as Beyond Europe, gathered today outside the Archibishop´s  Palace in solidarity of feminist struggles. Particularly, we aim to support the demands for reproductive justice in Cyprus, since abortion is still illegal. There are currently initiatives for decriminalizing abortion in the law and Church of Cyprus is one of the forces who are actively against abortion as well as other political and wider eco-social struggles.

Here you can find the petition that gathers signatures for supporting the decriminalization of abortion in Cyprus:

Here’s the link for the initiative:



By antifanicosia
[GR/ENG] LOCKDOWN STORMS #2: ΚΑΜΙΑ ΜΟΝΗ, ΚΑΜΙΑ ΛΙΟΤΕΡΗ Τον τελευταίο καιρό θκιεβάζουμε τζιαι ακούμε με φρίκη μαρτυρίες γυναικών που ούλλον τον κόσμο που καταγγέλλουν σεξουαλικές παρενοχλήσεις, βιασμούς, παρεμβατικές συμπεριφορές τζιαι άλλες μορφές έμφυλης βίας, στα πλαίσια του κινήματος #metoo. Τέθκοιες καταγγελίες εν αποτελούν εξαίρεση τζιαι στην περίπτωση της Κύπρου. Γυναίκες κυρίως που τον καλλιτεχνικό τζιαι αθλητικό χώρο παίρνουν βήμα σπάζοντας