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[Beyond Europe] Going for the revolutionary 8th of March!

By siata

On this 8th of March, Beyond Europe takes an antiauthoritarian, anti-capitalist and anti-nationalist stance in the feminist struggles. This means that we are moving beyond traditional borders and radicalizing hegemonic narratives. The traditional approaches that link patriarchy either only to the state or capitalism need to be overridden so that they can be considered antiauthoritarian.

By drawing attention to the facts that patriarchy is the oldest system of oppression but also has the ability to move beyond borders and norms, we call upon its authoritarian structure.

Let’s fight authority on all its levels: from the local to the transnational. Join us in solidarity by supporting your local groups which strive for feminist demands.

We, as Beyond Europe, gathered today outside the Archibishop´s  Palace in solidarity of feminist struggles. Particularly, we aim to support the demands for reproductive justice in Cyprus, since abortion is still illegal. There are currently initiatives for decriminalizing abortion in the law and Church of Cyprus is one of the forces who are actively against abortion as well as other political and wider eco-social struggles.

Here you can find the petition that gathers signatures for supporting the decriminalization of abortion in Cyprus:

Here’s the link for the initiative:


Solidarity to the activists who fight for the protection of songbirds and all other species of wild life

By Syspirosi Atakton
“All the birds of the world
wherever they might fly
wherever they might have built their nest
wherever they might have sung…”
The shoots which were fired last night against activists, who every year risk their life in their attempt to protect our ecological commons, demonstrate and prove once again the links between the ampelopoulia mafia in Cyprus, the capitalist system and a rotten nationalist rhetoric, the combination of which becomes an allibi for those who abuse our ecological commons. The protest of the supporters of the non-sellective and massive use of limesticks, mistnets and electrical sound mimicking devices, against the presence and action of “foreigners”, and “members of a foreign organisation” shows precisely the extent to which such circles have been appropriating over the years our common natural heritage in the name of an invented tradition. Both, the refusal / tolerance of those governing, as well as the weakness / inadequacy of the competent authorities to eliminate the (otherwise) illegal, non selective and massive trapping, killing and trading of migratory birs, has turned the lives of both the birds, as well as of the activists into “bare lives”, which are being deprived of their rights, not solely their reghts to resist, but also to exist.
No matter how many prisons they built
and even if the siege is getting harder,
our mind is a vagabond
that will always escape”  
Solidarity to the activists who fight for the protection of songbirds and all other species of wild life.
We will not be subdued to the ampelopoulia mafia. We continue the struggle, for the commons and degrowth, for environmental justice and social freedom.
Sispirosi Atakton *
Friday, 15 September 2017