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“Here we go again!” We participate in the Pride protest on 13/5 (ENG/GR/TR)

By antifanicosia
(Greek and Turkish text follows) “Here we go again!” For us, pride marches are marches commemorating the Stonewall uprisings, as well as all the struggles and assertions for the liberation of our desires, genders and sexualities. Liberation from oppressive normative systems, from patriarchy and capitalism which violently dominate and commodify our lives, putting them intο […]

Beyond Corporate Pride and Mainstream LGBT politics: Queering our Struggles (Web Version)

By antifanicosia
The text that was written on the occassion of the screening of the documentary “Beyond Gay: The Politics of Pride”, co-organized by antifa λευkoşa, Dayanişma and Syspirosi Atakton can be found here.


By antifanicosia
”Beyond Gay: The politics of pride”. Documentary screening and discussion on LGBTQI+ activism and pride experiences in Cyprus. We invite everyone to join our screening of the documentary “Beyond Gay: the Politics of Pride” on the 9th of May at Social Space Kaymakκιν, in Kaymakli, at 19:00. The documentary follows over the course of a […]