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Dresden #Unteilbar August 24th: Defend solidarity! United against racism and fascism

By Beyond Europe

This weekend in Dresden, Saxony a big by Unteilbar (“indivisible”) coaltion demonstration against racism, fascism and the rightward shift in society will take place. As part of the anti-fascist campagin “Nationalism is no alternative” umsGanze calls to join the demo.

Join the Defend solidarity – United Against Racism and Fascism bloc.

…ums Ganze! call for the germanwide anti-racist and anti-fascist big coalation demonstration of #Unteilbar on 24.08.2019 in Dresden, Saxony:

Against the status quo and its further deterioration

At the gates and harbours of Europe the mass dying continues daily. Inside the fortress, the fascists are busy writing death lists and packing their ammunition boxes. That is the situation in which this autumn in Saxony, Brandenburg and Thuringia new county parliaments will be elected. And the expected results mean a not unlikely government participation for the AfD (Alternative for Germany).

The composition of the AfD, consisting of Burschenschaften (male-only völkisch student fraternities), “Identitarians”, mens’ rights activists and former politicians of the conservative party CDU, is on the one hand only an expression of reactionary ideologies. But everyone who wants to know is aware of it: The AfD is the organisational centre of a new fascist movement. Its rise is also the result of an undead neoliberalism, whose perseverance slogans are no longer effective. Merkel and Macron still have many fans, but their hegemony is challenged from the right. All the glamour is gone and the contradictions are coming to a head. Social insecurity has become a permanent feature of a precarious full-time employment society and the distribution of wealth is polarising from year to year – the trend is towards second yachts and forced evictions. The necessarily produced exclusions are countered with the classic ensemble of security: order, state power, and social problems are to be solved by the police. At the global level, neoliberalism, although crisis-prone, continues to cause far greater misery as it is advertised without alternative. Not only the distribution of wealth, but also the first consequences of climate change, civil wars and epidemics affect people in the southern hemisphere more frequently and more severely. Aggressive exports, neocolonial exploitation and the overexploitation of natural resources are the foundations of our way of life – whether it is characterised by luxury cars or cheap meat. We do not live at our own expense, but at the expense of others. A slogan of past Refugee protests summed up the connection between the imperial way of life and the causes of migration and flight: “We are here, because you destroy our countries!”

All this unnecessary suffering is at the same time a necessary element of capitalist production and the policies that organise the framework of accumulation. In this country, these are first and foremost the grand coalition leaders of the SPD and the CDU. Thank you for nothing!

But with the multiple crisis of politics, economy and environment (world-wide) new keyword providers step into the limelight. The AfD and other reactionary forces bring new dynamics into politics. The right-wing hegemony project promises to bring order back to the shop or, in case of doubt, at least to secure the privileges of the northern hemisphere in a racist way. The neoliberals, for their part, are more authoritarian and racist than usual. Whether they do this because the time is right, or whether they feel compelled to do so in order to at least survive the current legislature, does not matter in consequence.

The AfD takes up the frustration experiences of capitalist everyday life, but denies the contradictions that underlie them. Their success cannot be explained by the theory of impoverishment, and no one chooses the AfD because of its (non-existent) socio-political promises. The AfD rather shifts conflicts to another terrain and culturalizes and ethnicizes them. Those who speak of the “Volk” do not speak of classes. They are concerned with the interior worthy of protection and threats from outside.It conducts national politics, represents German-national historical revisionism, wants to ban gender studies and antifa, denies climate change, wants to deprive single mothers of their financial basis and, if necessary, shoot migrants at the border. The party says all this openly. For it’s cultural struggles it can start with the bizarre mainstream understanding of many and often only has to slightly sharpen a already hegemonic opinion. After all, identification with the nation promises orientation in confusing times. The distinction between a population of service providers and taxpayers to be protected and the rest exposed to repression and job centres can also be continued.

Although the new fascism presents itself as an alternative to the neoliberal status quo, it is rather its product. It is the result of the omnipresence of capital, which makes it the only possible world – also because no desirable alternative seems to be available.

So far, so bad. But the complete description of the situation also includes the fact that in the last weeks and months we have taken to the streets in the movement for save passage and the right for migration (“Seebrücke”), feminism and climate justice and have put ourselves in the way of the fascists wherever we could. We do not need new police laws, but circumstances that do not constantly marginalize and criminalize people. Nor do we need a division into multicultural urban milieus and villagers in regions devastated by capital, but free trains that bring us together. It is about infrastructure, not habitus. And we need housing – To live and not as investment objects.

But unfortunately our struggles remain mostly isolated. As antiauthitarian leftists, we cannot afford this in view of the historical situation. It is now important to be indivisible in our everyday struggles and for example to work together as anti-fascists with anti-racist structures or to visit the people in Saxony not only every two years to a big event. Because Saxony is not the stuck right-wing conservative past, but an experimental laboratory, which gives a view into a possible fascist future, in which there is nothing to laugh about for migrants, leftists or women. This laboratory – to stay in the picture – has to be destroyed.

It is not enough just to fight urgently needed defensive battles. So that we don’t misunderstand each other: Of course it is necessary to be active against fascists, always and everywhere, on all levels and with all means. But as antiauthitarian radicals we must be indivisible and have the courage to transform the politically heated situation into another polarization. Beyond undead neoliberalism on the one hand and fascist fantasies of awakening on the other, we must show a credible real alternative. We need a project! But As leftists we have a harder time than fascists. Because the project of fascism is not a project, in the sense of a draft of the future. Gauland, LePen and Salvini offer as the cultural horizon the way of life from the 1950s if not worse. Trump, Orban, Erdogan and Bolsonaro show us how via enforced conformity in media and universities this project should be realized.

We, on the other hand, want the Internet in the hands of Workers’ councils with no state and no capital, we want the whole bakery. The much praised democracy also in questions of economy and ecology. Otherwise the coming generations will probably have to fight for the last fresh water supplies on a planet devastated by climate catastrophes. We want to sleep longer, work less. Open borders on earth and between genders and a life without fear for all. Luxury for all instead of poverty when you grow old . Communism for future.

So come with us to Dresden on 24 August and show solidarity with your comrades who are raising the flag in Mordor. Against neoliberal conditions and new fascism – For a completely different whole thing!

Do not be afraid! The future belongs to us when we fight. Together indivisible, in anti-fascist solidarity.

…ums Ganze! – antiauthoritarian alliance in August 2019

“Now it’s all about knocking down baby hitler!” – Interview with antifa vienna on the ibiza scandal

By Beyond Europe

Interview with afa [w] – autonomous antifa vienna, member of …ums Ganze! and Beyond Europe, on the situation in Austria.

by John Malamatinas

1. I think many of us know. But tell us again in ten short sentences what the hell is going on in Austria?

In a nutshell, one could say that two of the most important leaders of the extreme right in the Banana Republic have embarrassed themselves enormously. In a conversation with alleged donors from Russia, HC Strache (Vice-chancellor) and Joshi Gudenus (FPÖ Vienna) promised them to sell Austria’s biggest newspaper (“Krone”) to them and also to secure orders from the Ministry of Infrastructure. This seven-hour dinner (apparently a code word for vodkacoca party) was secretly filmed and published two years later, forcing the two to resign. Baby hitler* Kurz had initially offered to continue the government, but without Interior Minister Herbert Kickl. The FPÖ, on the other hand, did not want to play along and so all FPÖ government members resigned. Shortly afterwards, “experts” – whom he himself had chosen at his discretion – went to the ministries. Now we are all waiting to see whether a no-confidence motion announced on Monday will get a majority in parliament and also force Kurz to resign.

2. This trap… – quite obvious antifascist action or not?

No comment.

3. Will the fascists and neo-liberals manage to talk their way out of the story once again?

Shortly after Strache announced his resignation, he intervened again via Facebook and announced “Now more than ever” in the style of the known Nazi Waldheim. Of course a bit cryptic, but just broken down Strache emphasizes two things: “I wor bsoffn (I was drunk) and the Jews are to blame”. The fact that in the presence of an “attractive oligarch,” after one or two little lines and four to ten vodkaenergy drinks one tends to boast of adolescence, is understandable to the core voters of the FPÖ and appeases them. The fact that an ominous foreign power has pulled the strings is also obvious to every average anti-Semite in Austria. One who for the time being emerges more strongly from this situation is Sebastian Kurz, the nation’s school spokesman, yet the authoritarian project “Schwarz-Blau” (Black-Blue) has failed for the time being.

4. Are the political balances of the European elections changing in Austria and throughout Europe? And who will ultimately benefit from the scandal?

According to initial estimations, the European right-wing parties will not lose for the time being, and it is difficult to predict how the FPÖ will perform in the election. There is a realistic danger that Babyhitler will now try harder to get the FPÖ voters into his boat; he has long since adopted the hostile program of the FPÖ. He himself is pleased that the normalisation of right-wing extremism is beginning to bear fruit: “Much of what I am saying today was massively criticised three years ago and dismissed as right-wing extremist, that has changed”. According to him, “leftists to communists” profit from these scandals and he warns against a political shift to the left in Europe… a real optimist!

5. How does the left and the anti-authoritarian space in Austria react?

It should be emphasized that on the day after the video was published, thousands gathered in front of the Federal Chancellery to articulate their anger and celebrate Strache’s political suicide. The joy over the resignation of the former Neonazi vice-chancellor is justified, but it must not be forgotten that nothing has changed in the political environment and the current right-wing hegemony. The parliamentary left hardly reacts and is weaker than ever, the “state left-wing style” Federal President Van der Bellen worries about the image of Austria and its economic site and many leftists babble something about the stability in the country, which must be secured and misjudge that we should shake the conditions. But emancipatory demands can be heard from the street, especially from the “Thursday Demo”, which is not satisfied with the current resignations. They want to “chase away” Kurz and open a perspective on a good life for all, after this system has been overcome.

6. According to your Instagran page you have been protesting against Kurz, Strache&Co since the formation of the government. Is Ibiza the crowning highlight of the campaign?

Definitely a success and it even helped the Vengaboys, who are currently number 1 in the Austrian charts (laughs). No, but seriously, now it’s all about knocking down babyhitler!

7. What should the progressive forces think of this dispute among fascists and neo-liberals? And can the announced new elections change something fundamental or will everything remain the old way?

As we have already pointed out, it is of course a cause for joy if such a government project breaks down. But the progressive side has not yet gained much. We must now consider how we can further open up the cracks that have arisen in order to make visible a concept of society based on solidarity. In this sense, we hope that the much-used term of recent days will come true: state crisis!

*Titanic magazine published some time ago a cover calling Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz “baby hitler”. Kurz than tried to forbid the use of this name by court decision. At the end Titanic won the court case!

A secret trial for traumatized car owners. On the occasion of the opening of the Elbchaussee trial in Hamburg

By Beyond Europe

By Rote Hilfe Frankfurt local group (originally published in German in Rote Hilfe Zeitung 1/2019)

On December 18th 2018 the first trial, which deals with the events in Elbchaussee Street during the G20 summit in the early morning of July 7th 2017, began in Hamburg. Accused are four comrades from Frankfurt metropolitan region and a comrade from France. Most of them are only accused of being present in this action, but the Public Prosecutor’s Office wants to blame them for all the events and expects high prison sentences. It is about the right to demonstrate in general. On January 10th 2019, the public was expelled from the trial at the request of the prosecutor. We therefore spoke with an activist of the solidarity alliance “United We Stand Frankfurt / Offenbach”.

Dear Caro, in Hamburg the Elbchaussee trial is taking place against five young men from Germany and France. Why is the trial so important?”

At the moment there are two main questions in court: Was that even a demonstration? And depending on it: Was it accusable to be present there? The trial has parallels with other G20 trials like the “Rondenbarg trial”, which was suspended in early 2018 with no verdict announced. The big question of the Elbchaussee trial is therefore whether the Public Prosecutor’s Office will prevail over the so-far legal opinion and equating demonstrations with arranged fights of football hooligans. This would be an enormous erosion of the right to demonstrate with far-reaching consequences.”

These are the general political consequences. What does the trial mean for the defendants? What are the exact accusations in that case?”

Only one of the five is accused of a direct involvement in “Sachbeschädigung” (property damage: denomination of a criminal offence in German law; §303 StGB). The other four will only be charged with the alleged participation in the demonstration through the Elbchaussee and shall be convicted for “besonders schwerer Landfriedensbruch” (roughly translated as especially serious breach of public peace; §125a StGB). The Public Prosecutor’s Office and the court want to reach a sentence of at least five years imprisonment – of course without parole. The five shall be convicted of basically everything that happened this morning, shall be convicted because the police could not identify other alleged “criminals” despite huge effort. The pressure on the defendants is further increased by the fact that they are also threatened with civil lawsuits in the event of a conviction. They could face claims of millions of Euros for compensation. The Public Prosecutor’s Office is listing everything in detail from a broken mirror to traumatized car owners. The reading of this took alone more than an hour at the opening of the trial.”

These five are the very entire result of the police special investigation commission “Black Block”, despite publicity investigation and all that? How do they identified these five?”

Yes, the police had hoped for completely different results from these. One of the five charges is based on a backpack with an ID card, which was found near the Elbchaussee. The other four sees the prosecutor as a co-operative group that was acting together in the city during the G20 protests. On this morning they should have been recorded by a CCTV camera in a Metro station close to the Elbchaussee. In this particular demonstration of mostly masked activists, the prosecutor believes to be able to recognize them despite their disguise. All in all, the charge is only based on circumstantial evidence.”

During the raids last summer in the Frankfurt area, one of the involved police officers involved said that they knew that the accused were “minnows”. Though, two have been in custody since then. Why?”

Responsible for this is mainly the Oberlandesgericht (“Higher Regional Court”, court of last instance below federal level) which has already incarcerated a young Italian for alleged “harmful inclinations” in his character for months. The court having jurisdiction (Landgericht, “Regional Court”) has indeed released the two defendants due to the absence of danger of flight in November. Immediately afterwards, the Public Prosecutor’s Office raged against this decision and reached their re-imprisonment only hours after they have been released. The Oberlandesgericht decided that the two must remain in custody because of the expected high punishment. A third comrade has been in Hamburg since October. Since he is a French citizen, it is very easy for the judiciary to justify the need for detention.”

The trial was opened on December 18th 2018. What happened that day?”

First of all, it has to be said that many comrades were there to accompany the opening. More than 120 people – and not only from Hamburg – have attended a rally in front of the court to make clear that this trial is not only about the five accused comrades, but this is about us all and of course we do not leave the five alone. But the bourgeois media was also present with journalists and numerous cameras. Everyone is aware that no small issue is being negotiated there. In the court session itself – as usually in the beginning of big trials – not much happened. The absolute highlight was the welcome and farewell of the accused with applause and noise. The expectation for this moment has motivated them all the time, as they have repeatedly assured us in letters. In the court room, they have shown a lot of self-confidence and reliance. We had hoped that this could continue…”

… but the public was excluded from the trial soon. How did that happen?”

On the third day of the trial, the Public Prosecutor’s Office has filed an application for exclusion of the public for the duration of the hearing of evidence. The hearing of evidence is actually everything between the opening and closing declarations. They cynically justified their request with the benefit of the defendants: they would be put under pressure by the massive public interest and an active audience. It is obvious that it is all about suppressing expressions of solidarity. Also the public attention that the trial gets is thereby weakened. We must not tolerate that. This is clearly a strategic move, just like the prosecutor’s motion for recusal against the judges, because they considered the pre-trial detention as baseless. That the Public Prosecutor’s Office is that obviously politically motivated forcing a lawsuit against the court is a new dimension for us.”

What else can we do now to support the defendants and the solidarity work?”

You can do a lot in order that their strategy does not work out: Write letters to the prisoners! Accompany the trial by informing yourself and others, but also accompany it physically – the trial dates can be found on the internet – because showing that we do not leave them alone is now even more important. We cannot allow this secret trial to quite simply create precedents. Let us all rather realize how important it is to act politically against the repression and persecution that so many comrades are affected by. Thus, the same slogan as always applies: The struggle goes on!”

Please send letters to the defendants to:

Rote Hilfe – Ortsgruppe Frankfurt am Main

c/o Café ExZess

Leipzigerstr. 91

60487 Frankfurt – Germany

Be aware that the cops are surveilling the correspondence of prisoners. If possible write in German (but they also understand English, French, Turkish and Kurdish), because letters in other languages are usually delivered with a massive delay.

It´s kicking off in Germany – or: a glimmer of hope in the leftist misery?

By Beyond Europe

Overview and comment about the demonstrations and actions of the last months in Germany

14th April Berlin: 25k at a demonstration against gentrification and the “insane housing situation”. On 20th October the next one with a similar topic and similar size is scheduled for Frankfurt

10th May Munich: 40k at a demonstration against a new authoritarian police law in Bavaria

21st May Berlin: Occupation of 9 houses in Berlin. During the year as many occupations as not for a long time in other cities, some more successful, some less

Since the beginning of June in Leipzig: Strike against the closure of the steel-foundry “Neue Halberg-Guss” where 1500 jobs could be vanished. Solidarity strike at another facility of this company in Saarbrücken. See below why this is listed here

During July nationwide: tens of thousands at decentral demonstrations, rallies, actions etc. against the criminalization of the sea rescue in the Mediterranean

7th July Düsseldorf: 20k at a demonstration against a new authoritarian police law in North-Rhine-Westphalia. On 8th September the next one is scheduled for Hannover, Lower Saxony. There are also plans for Saxony but without a date yet

11th July Munich: 8k at an antifascist demonstration in Munich at the end of the NSU trial. Several thousand at decentral demonstrations in more than 30 cities

22nd July Munich: 50k at a demonstration against the “politics of hatred and fear” and especially against Bavaria´s ruling party, CSU

If you look at this list, you might get the impression that new social movements are about to start in Germany, but – as always – things aren´t that clear if take a closer look. Almost exactly three years have been passed since shit-lord Schäuble blackmailed the Greek government after the referendum on the austerity measures. One consequence in Germany was that the – indeed not super-powerful but nevertheless existing – anti-austerity movement collapsed from one day to another. A few months later the “summer of migration” emerged, where a huge wave of solidarity and politization of the people could be experienced. Since then the development we had predicted since the beginning of the crisis, became more and more evident: state of exception is the new normality, fascism is on the rise, under the justification of economic competitiveness and security an authoritarian transformation of society can be noticed.

The answer of the anticapitalist scene? None. Or to be put it less drastically: partly successful attempts to tackle specific consequences, but nothing radical. “Radical” in the sense to tackle the causes of this situation in a particular praxis. While daily attacks on refugees are happening, the AfD gained 13% in the last federal elections and all parties are moving to the right including factions in the left party, we (not “we” as a specific group or network, but “we” as a huge majority of anticapitalists) focused on more or less symbolic events with the aim to gain attention and agitate people (big exception G20 summit). But in fact the opposite happened: we weren´t able to repel the attacks of police, state and press. Our mobilizations became always less successful. If something failed, activists left behind exhausted and frustrated because the next big thing was approaching. We were only thinking in our own logic and forgot the necessity to strengthen our structures and in our daily businesses we lost the duty to develop and promote a vision of better and solidairy future, a specific cause why people should get active, what we can offer to them/to us.

Now a situation emerged where several mass demonstrations took place on specific, but more or less leftist topics, where we were not standing there alone anymore. Such big demonstrations in such a frequency haven´t happened for years. Of course this is positive. Of course this raises hope. Of course this could be a new start of social struggles. But: These protests are very diverse, from Christian groups, to different parties, unions, NGOs and whatever. Furthermore we would consider not all of them as our allies and it´s also not that easy to make anticapitalist positions visible in this constellation. We must not do the mistakes of the past and project something in these emerging movements which they most likely cannot fulfill. Our duty should rather be to explain why it´s not about Bavarian hillbillies who accidentally came in power or not about a single law but why it´s worth struggling for something else.

Two examples in this context, one positive and one negative: After the summer of migration many people got active in solidarity structures for refugees. These people still exist and they are still doing important things, but they are almost invisible in the public discourse. After Italy and Malta started to criminalize the sea rescue in the Med, a wave of solidarity actions is taking place under the slogan “Seebrücke” (sea bridge), where it´s not only about the NGOs who are directly affected but also about this antiracist groups and structures which are active in Germany under increasingly harsh conditions. But on the other hand in Leipzig a strike in a steel-foundry is going on for more than six weeks now. They resist against the announced closure of the factory with a temporary unlimited strike, the workers blocked the factory for example, had some minor confrontations with the police, a solidarity strike at another facility of this company in Saarbrücken is going on. In the routine of German labor struggles this is quite militant compared to how unions usually act. This could be a great chance to show concrete solidarity with already struggling people and fight together with them and explain through this why organization is important, but there is literally no response from antiauthoritarian leftists.

Hard times are approaching. There is no hint that the authoritarian formation will end soon. Police laws are getting passed and the AfD is getting more successful. Next year there will be two very critical elections in the states of Brandenburg and Saxony. In Brandenburg the AfD could win (last polls: SPD 23%, CDU 23%, left party 17 %, AfD 22%) but will most likely not come into power. In contrast to Saxony (polls: CDU 32%, left party 19%, SPD 9%, AfD 24%). The regional branch of the CDU is far-right compared to other states and it would be not a big surprise if they form a coalition with the AfD, although they are denying such plans officially, but it could be possible that they can´t build a government without them.

So the next time will show if this mass demonstrations and actions are only punctual events or if they could be enhanced to a mode of acting against this societal constellation. Until then, regards from the streets of the heart of the beast.

Infoupdate #1 on the actions in Salzburg

By Beyond Europe

The demonstration against the summit oft he European leaders will start on the 20th of September at 2pm in front of the main station in Salzburg. From 11am there will be an announced rally and a public exhibition about the issues of migration and escape will be organized. At 11.30am a public hearing will take place, where activists from Sub-Sahara- Africa will speak about deportations and the exterritorialisation of the European border regime to northern Africa. At 2pm the the program of the demonstration will start with different speeches and music. With this demonstration we want to show, what we think about the deadly migration politics of the EU. We want take a clear stand for a better future for everybody, regardless of their origin or their place of birth. The European rulers won’t be able to discuss undisturbed, about their plans to destroy and end thousands of human lifes. We want a future, that allows everybody to live without fear, by organizing production along our needs and beyond concurrence.

Most likely there will be controls by the police, especially at the border. Keep this in mind, when you plan your travels and calculate with some spare time. On our homepage you’ll find information about the legal situation and there will be an active legal aid structure as well. Also there will be organized rides with bus or train from some cities and regions. We will collect all this information on our homepage as well.Take something orange with you, for example a shirt, a hat, a scarf or else. The colour orange stands for the thousands of life vests and boats an became a symbol for the catastrophe, that happens on the Mediterranean sea. But the meaning of this colour gained another meaning during the last weaks because oft he different mobilizations of the #seebrücke (safe passage) movement. Now it stands as well for the demand and the hope, that at the end human lifes are more important than crazy phantasies of natonalistic isolation. That a humans fortune is not decided by criterias of exploitation. That people unite on the streets to demand an end of war, poverty and death. In cruel times like these it stands for a movement, which fights for a better future for all.


On the 20th of September the European leaders want to meet in Salzburg to discuss the issues of migration, asylum and internal security. The discussion is going to be led by the Austrian government. The meaning of this we’ve seen during the last months. Since we wrote our first call to the demonstration in Salzburg, a lot of things changed and most of them to the worse. At high speed more and more authoritarian suggestions find their way on the negotiation table of the European rulers. Nationalists, just as Salvini, Kurz and Seehofer started a competition over the question, who is able to make the most inhuman politics. Official politics demand things in a way that shameless, one couldn’t imagine some time ago. Sea rescue gets criminalized again, rescue actions get stopped. The consequence: More people than ever drowned in the Mediterranean see this year. But because “it’s just not working without ugly pictures” (Sebastian Kurz), this pictures shall be taken far away from public attention and shouldn’t spill the blood on European ground. Therefore one recruits authoritarian regimes like Turkey or Libyan militia, who are responsible for massive violations of human rights as the bouncers in front of the European doorstep. This structures get financed by the European Union. Beside the Mediterranean Sea the dessert of northern Africa becomes one of the biggest graveyards due to the transfer of Europes outer borders. People just get dropped in the middle of the dessert, but all this is ok with the migration regime, the only thing that counts is, that no more people come to Europe. But people don’t escape without a reason. It’s not the sea rescue, which animates people to leave their homes. It’s war, poverty, the lack of perspectives and the hope for a better life, that makes them to take such a risk. The global relations of production and distribution of recourses are an important cause of this things. Europa and the global North have to be seen as reasons for escape.

There is protest against this inhuman forms of politics. In Germany thousands of people gathered on the streets under the label of #seebrücke. Also in Italy, Greece and Spain there are voices against the widespread deaths, that are happening in front of their eyes.

But a big part of society is not shocked by the things that happen, but on the contrary whish for an even more brutal drive. “Liberal” press discusses the pros and contras of saving human lifes. People should be locked away, the further away the better. One is inventing new words for not being forced to clearly say, what one is planning. Anchor centres, return, secondary migration: The meaning of all this words is nothing else, than the installation of camps and forced deportation of people, whose only „crime“ is escape.

Refugees get staged as a threat, even as enemies which have to be defeated. Soldiers should be sent to the European border. These “enemies” from the outside get used as an legitimization for the militarization of internal politics. The competences of the police get extended and surveillance increased. Thee police law in Germany is an example of the authoritarian shift within internal politics.

Whether the beating presidential adviser in France, the police-horse minister in Austria or Salvini, who wants to count and register Roma people to get rid of them as soon as possible:

We confront this nationalistic madness, which intends to „defend“ the shrinking zones of capitalistic wealth at all costs against so called strangers with the perspective of transnational solidarity. Because when they speak about security, they mean the conservation of the current social conditions. The same conditions, that mean insecurity through cuts of social rights and fear through omnipresent concurrence for most of the people.

Within this social brutalization we want to build a visible and powerful counter pole. We invite all of you to come to Salzburg. When the European leaders want to decide over thousands of lifes, we will resist with words and action. We demand no less, than a good life for everybody, a better future for all. We demand safe ports for those, who want to escape miserable conditions. We demand a #seebrücke (safe passage) to stop the death on the Mediterranean Sea. Because fugitives are part of our global class and we will defend their rights along with ours until we manage to overcome all these wrong conditions, that capitalism is producing, together!