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After all, maybe there is hope…

By Beyond Europe

Comment by John Malamatinas – First published in German on neues deutschland

The right-wing conservative government of Kyriakos Mitsotakis, elected only last summer, does everything in its power to encourage protest movements. After having started to evacuate self-organized occupations of fugitives, declared war on the inhabitants and anarchists in the left-alternative district of Exarchia in Athens, it is now the turn of the students. The latter have been protesting since the summer against the repeal of a law banning the police from entering the university campus and protecting student protests. The law was a legacy of a student uprising on 17 November 1973 during the military dictatorship, when a tank rammed through the gates of the Athens Polytechnic. Dozens were killed that day.

Yesterday’s pictures of the attack of the Greek infamous Riot police MAT on the students of the Athens University of Economics ASOEE went around the world. Six days before the historic date, MAT units stormed the campus with the aim of preventing the political occupation – an incomprehensible provocation and, at the same time, a political demonstration of power that evoked memories of the dictatorship in the public debate. Actually, the action was intended to flatter right-wing voters – exactly the opposite was achieved: an occasion for a social movement! And this in a difficult phase for the organized left after the years of austerity and the related loss of trust of the people in social change.

When I opened Facebook this morning, a feeling filled me that I had been missing since the last big general strike in February 2012: real hope! Numerous Greek activists, but also ordinary people, shared the pictures and videos of yesterday evening’s demonstrations. There are thousands and thousands of young people who do not want to be intimidated by the police operation and take up the challenge to fight for another future – a future without right-wing police cowboys, racist barbecues to “protect the Greek tradition” against fugitives or homophobic and sexist attacks. It is a two-sided struggle against the re-emerging “Greek values” and the social disintegration forced by Mitsotakis through privatization and displacement.

It should be remembered that the cycle of crisis protests in Greece did not begin with Papandreou’s famous speech from a yacht near the island of Kastelorizo in April 2010, in which he announced “that we will not make it without the financial support of our international partners”, but the youth sounded the alarm much earlier: During the student protests 2006-07 against the neo-liberalization of the universities and in the uprising in December 2008 when the 15-year-old Alexandros Grigoropoulos was shot by the police and the marginalized part of society laid the cards on the table. For weeks, school and university students together with precariously employed and unemployed people organized themselves in occupied universities and town halls and attacked police stations throughout the country. There is currently no lack of inspiration: in Greece, too, everyone is looking excitedly at the current uprisings in the world.

Solidarity action with Rojava in Athens – Intervention at Dogus Holding

By Beyond Europe

Intervention at offices of Dogus Holding in Athens in the context of  the World Rojava Resistance Day

Today, as part of the World Resistance Day, we demonstrated in front of the headquarters of Dogus Holding in Athens. Our action was in solidarity with the Rojava populations and their struggle to maintain the autonomy and the democratic decision making of their region. Dogus is a consortium of companies, based in Turkey, that belongs to Ferit Sahenk, one of the richest people in Turkey and a personal friend of Erdogan. He holds a significant share of the country’s construction industry, as well as 10% of all Turkish media (television channels, newspapers, magazines and radio stations, all known for their pro-government propaganda). His relationship with the country’s regime is a prime example of the way Turkish capitals have been acting during the last years.

The involvement of the Turkish regime in the Syrian civil war is oriented towards a genocidal policy, of annihilating the Kurdish communities of northern Syria. After their attack on Afrin, they unleashed an all-pervading attack against Rojava, aiming in exterminating the people that live there and their goals of autonomous administration of the area. In justifying this attempt, the Turkish regime did not hesitate to use as a vessel the exact refugee populations that the Syrian civil war created, with Turkey’s involvement. Their plan is to create a “safe-zone” in northern Syria, controlled by the Turkish army, that will be used as an area of relocation for the Syrian refugees that are held in camps across Turkey. At the same time, of course, they continue the on-going war against the Kurdish minorities inside Turkey.

Παρέμβαση στα γραφεία της Dogus στο Κολωνάκι

Παρέμβαση στα γραφεία της Dogus στο Κολωνάκι(στο πλαίσιο της Παγκόσμιας Ημέρας Αντίστασης για τη Ροζάβα)Πραγματοποιήσαμε σήμερα παρέμβαση στα γραφεία της εταιρείας Dogus Holding στην Αθήνα. Η παρέμβασή μας πραγματοποιείται ως ένδειξη αλληλεγγύης στους πληθυσμούς της Ροζάβα και στην προσπάθειά τους να διαφυλάξουν την αυτονομία της περιοχής τους και τη δημοκρατική της διαχείριση. Η Dogus είναι εταιρική κοινοπραξία με έδρα την Τουρκία και ανήκει στον μεγαλοεπιχειρηματία Φερίτ Σαχένκ, ενός από τους πλουσιότερους ανθρώπους της Τουρκία και προσωπικού φίλου του Ερντογάν. Κατέχει σημαντικό μερίδιο στον κατασκευαστικό τομέα της χώρας, ενώ υπό την ιδιοκτησία του βρίσκεται το 10% του τουρκικού τύπου (τηλεοπτικά κανάλια, εφημερίδες, περιοδικά και ραδιοφωνικούς σταθμούς, όλα γνωστά για τη φιλοκυβερνητική προπαγάνδα τους). Η διαπλοκή του με το καθεστώς της χώρας και με τις πολεμικές της επιχειρήσεις είναι ένα τυπικό παράδειγμα του τρόπου, που λειτουργεί το τουρκικό κεφάλαιο τα τελευταία χρόνια. Τα δίχτυα της Dogus, όμως, απλώνονται και στην ελληνική επικράτεια είτε μέσω επενδύσεων σε φαραωνικά τουριστικά έργα που ερημώνουν τον τόπο είτε μέσω της συμμαχίας που έχει συνάψει με τη γνωστή Lamda Development του μεγαλοκαπιταλιστή Λάτση. Η εμπλοκή του τουρκικού κράτους στον συριακό εμφύλιο είναι προσανατολισμένη σε μια γενοκτονική πολιτική εξόντωσης των κουρδικών κοινοτήτων της βόρειας Συρίας. Μετά την επέμβασή του στο Αφρίν, ακολούθησε η γενικευμένη επίθεση εναντίον της Ροζάβα, με στόχο την εξάλειψη των κατοίκων της περιοχής και της δυνατότητάς τους να διοικούν αυτόνομα το έδαφός τους. Ως όχημα χρησιμοποίησε τους ίδιους τους προσφυγικούς πληθυσμούς του συριακού εμφυλίου, στον εκτοπισμό των οποίων συνέβαλε και το ίδιο το τουρκικό κράτος με την εμπλοκή του. Σχεδιάζει να δημιουργήσει μια «ζώνη ασφαλείας» στη βόρεια Συρία, την οποία θα ελέγχει ο τουρκικός στρατός και την οποία θα χρησιμοποιήσει ως τόπο επανεγκατάστασης Σύριων προσφύγων που κρατούνται στα στρατόπεδα της χώρας του. Παράλληλα, συνεχίζει τον πολύχρονο πόλεμο εναντίον της κουρδικής μειονότητας στο εσωτερικό της χώρας.Μία από τις ελάχιστα σχολιασμένες αποχρώσεις της τουρκικής επέμβασης στη Συρία είναι η οικονομική της διάσταση και το όφελος που προσφέρει στις επιχειρηματικές δραστηριότητες ανθρώπων όπως ο Φερίτ Σαχένκ. Μετά την κατάρρευση της τουρκικής λίρας πολλές τουρκικές επιχειρήσεις όπως η Dogus βρέθηκαν υπερχρεωμένες. Η λεγόμενη «ζώνη ασφαλείας» του τουρκικού κράτους στη βόρεια Συρία, πέρα από τα εθνικιστικά κίνητρα της, προσφέρεται και ως πεδίο επενδύσεων, ιδίως για τις κατασκευαστικές εταιρείες που είναι και ο πυλώνας της τουρκικής οικονομίας. Δεν είναι τυχαίο ότι την επόμενη μέρα της τουρκικής πολεμικής επέμβασης στη Συρία σημειώθηκε άνοδος στις μετοχές των τουρκικών επιχειρήσεων που συνδέονται με τις κατασκευαστικές εργολαβίες.Η δημοκρατική, φεμινιστική και οικολογική επανάσταση της Ροζάβα ήρθε σε σύγκρουση με τους στρατιωτικούς και πολιτικούς σχεδιασμούς των κρατών, βάζοντας μπροστά τις αξίες της κοινότητας και του πλουραλισμού μέσα σε έναν από τους αγριότερους πολέμους των τελευταίων ετών. Οι αιματοβαμμένες μιλιταριστικές στρατηγικές των κρατών και των οικονομικών τους συμμάχων είναι η βασικότερη απειλή για τη Ροζάβα, αλλά και για κάθε δημοκρατική πολιτική προοπτική όπου κι αν εκδηλώνεται. Δεν πρέπει να τους αφήσουμε να δρουν ανενόχλητοι.Rise up for Rojava! Νίκη στον Δημοκρατικό Συνομοσπονδισμό!Η Αλληλεγγύη το όπλο των λαών!

Gepostet von Αντιεξουσιαστική Κίνηση Αθήνας – Antiauthoritarian Movement am Samstag, 2. November 2019

What is rarely mentioned regarding the Turkish intervention in Syria, is its financial aspect and the benefits it offers to people like Ferit Sahenk and their business interests. After the downfall of the Turkish lira, many Turkish enterprises, such as Dogus, were found greatly in debt. The so called “safe-zone” in northern Syria, aside from the nationalistic motivations behind it, will offer plenty of opportunities for investments, especially for construction businesses, that are the cornerstone of Turkish economy. It is not a coincidence that on the second day of the Turkish operation in northern Syria, there was a significant stock rise of the Turkish businesses linked with construction.

The democratic, feminist and ecological revolution of Rojava clashed with the military and political plans of the nation-states, promoting the values of community-building and pluralism, in the middle of one of the fiercest wars in recent history. The bloodstained military strategies of the nation-states and their economic allies are the fundamental threat for Rojava, as well as any other democratic political prospect, wherever it is attempted. We will not let them act unopposed!

Rise Up For Rojava!

Antiauthoritarian Movement

2nd November 2019

We must resist opression – We must defend Exarchia as neighborhood of solidarity

By Beyond Europe

There will come a time we shall rise
as the leaven dough does
the iron burden will brake
your mountains, like the heavy clouds, will disperse
the worlds will tremble and squeak.

Michalis Katsaros- Against Sadducees.

For everyone in the Exarchia neighborhood, the new permanent police presence in Exarchia has changed something in our daily lives. The only ones who remain intact in their business are the drug traffickers and the mafia, even if the repressive forces are a few meters away. Until now, those who have suffered are 150 refugees, women, children, infants and men. Therefore, it turns out that the offensive against the Exarchia neighborhood, according to the long-announced “Law and Order” policy, is simply vindictive and does not target the drug traffickers, as claimed by the new government.

The offensive against the neighborhood, escalating daily with its enclosure, the evictions of squats sheltering immigrants/refugees and solidarity structures, the unjustifiable arrests and abductions, the racist and sexist practices of the MAT anti-riot police units against transient residents and visitors alike, have the absolute goal to intimidate the residents and to establish a climate of terror. Everything is designed and executed according to a short term along with a long term goal:

• Terrorize the inhabitants,force them to abandon the neighborhood in order to carry out a grandiose lightning war operation against all the resistance strongholds, such as self-organized free social centers, where structures are housed that facilitate creation, culture and solidarity.
The broader plan is supported by the overall upgrading of the legal framework for repression, the creation of special arrest squads, the abolition of university sanctuary (asylum) which was established after the downfall of the dictatorship in 1974 and the restriction of labor rights and freedoms.

• The long-term goal is to “clean up” the “rubbish” from the neighborhood, and to force it bringing the gentrification and its surrender to real estate or the golden visa pile of airbnb tourism, to bury Exarchia and its history. At the end of the day the goal is that no one will remember this neighborhood of disobedience, solidarity, self-organization and culture. No one will remember that in our neighborhood as a practical resistance against the memoranda, emerged the first social wards, the solidarity kitchens, the hubs of culture, self-education and creativity, the self-organized playground and the Navarino park, etc.
No one will remember that in our neighborhood the desperate of our time found shelter, food, care and reclaimed their lost dignity.

We call on every resident, working person and friend of our neighborhood to participate, join and fight in a massive, unifying struggle against the escalation of oppression and the police-state that starts from Exarchia in order to expand against every person in society who strives for dignity and solidarity, treating him as a “criminal”, a “suspect”,or an “internal enemy”.

We all fight together : residents, employees, friends and collectives of Exarchia . We are taking part in the demonstration against repression

Saturday the 14th at 12.00 pm Propylaea, Athens.

Exarchia United Social Front against state oppression

Residents, employees and collectives

For further read the text from our comrades from Antiauthoritarian Movement:

On Your Guard !

State has its continuity in Violence, exclusion
and the politics of Death.

The government that represents the Greek Industrialists Association, the CEO’s of non-productive Companies, the wealth hustlers, the scavengers of a particular Balcan type; that government declares emphatically the doctrine of “Law and Order” along with the other one of “Zero Tolerance”. Having already scheduled the privatizations the actual neo- liberal economic planning is within its intentions. Already in the Ministry of Public Order the concentration of power and the Statist logic became apparent. Everything ! Prisons, Immigrants, political opponents, social movements, collectives are under the direct control of that Ministry (ex-Citizen’s Defense). As for the rest like the Secret Service, News Agencies, Mass Media, all are under the surveillance and control of the Prime Minister’s Office. The Deep Greek State is returning in its past looking towards the future while it imposes the modern Statist Totalitarianism through cruel managing and governing.

Just to make things absolutely crystal clear they placed Chrysochoidis at the head of the Ministry, the pure representative of the Deep State, the protector of greek capitalism, the one who created and organized the motorized assassins of the Greek Police, the same one who recruited and broadened the Police Repression.

Apart from Chrysochoidis who ensures the continuity of the State as an eternal model Minister of Public Order, also the managers of SYRIZA already performed their duty showing their Statist Autocracy and Oppression when the police invaded the Squats which gave Shelter and Hospitality to Immigrants in Nikis Avenue, Thessaloniki (something that we will never forget), the Squat Orphanage in the Touba area and in C. Deal Str. at dawn on Wednesday July 27th, 2016 ; as a result immigrants and people of the movement who supported showing their Solidarity, were arrested in mass.

Just recently by order of the same Ministry but from a right wing Government, everything leads us to understand that they are preparing to

evict the Squats Sheltering Immigrants, starting from the Symbol Squat of NOTARA 26. The Notara 26 Squat Sheltering Immigrants was the very first (since September 2015) Squat which gave Shelter and Hospitality to Immigrants and Refugees and at the same time it was a political proposal in the context of Solidarity by creating a free space and denying in practice the state of exclusion of the State and the status which was imposed on immigrants. It was during that time when hundreds of thousands crossed the Aegean Sea and the ones who managed to survive the waves faced not the Benevolent State but a whole Society which in majority was showing its Solidarity to the refugees of the Aegean.In those circumstances Notara 26 was created ; more than 9.000 men, women, children, invalids, LGBT’s found shelter in one refugee community while at the same time food and other products were equally distributed to the local “damned” population.

“ In that asphyxiating context we decided to Squat the abandoned building of ETEAM in Notara 26 Str. intending to create a space for our Solidarity towards the immigrants/refugees in order to take care of their immediate needs (shelter, health care and every other kind of support). That is not an action of Charity, private or public, but a self-organized solidarity venture where the activists and the refugees decide together. The open Assembly is the institution that decides and everyone can participate men, women or other without any exceptions.”

That was at the time and it is still, our commitment for that Squat and it holds us till that day responsible, so we will defend it with no concern for the cost.

The movement has also continuity in Resistance, Solidarity and self- organization.

Using as a pretext Exarchia and everything that happens in that neighborhood – some are a result of the capitalist nihilism of individualism and the rapture of social bonds – they are ready to attack against anything that refuses to accept that condition in order to reinforce the process of fragmenting every bond, every collective, imposing barbarity, the graveyard silence, the institutionalized privacy and socialization.
In other words according to their own declarations, they are

preparing an invasion against the Anti-Authoritarian Movement, it’s collectives, the Free Social Centers where it’s ideas are practiced. They are promising that by the end there will be nothing left standing. In essence they are searching for a pilot program of Suppression like a blitzkrieg against Society and Nature, against the social, political and individual rights.

Using the Universal being of liberalism, Profit, they are distributing to every Commercial Corporation
every right to transform public space in enclosed money-making districts, every piece of land for all kinds of mining and drilling, refusing at the same time the workers’ and social rights from the local and immigrant population ; thus enabling the investments, the economic growth of all the bloodthirsty tycoons and the robbery of the natural wealth, destroying every balance of the environment with the human population.

The Anti-Authoritarian Movement has already a vivid history of multi- level and multi shaped struggles. It is an always contemporary Movement, having its own political, social and cultural presence. A Movement with hundreds of political prisoners that defined the resistance movement against every Authority, against every government. This Movement which never abstained from any social protest, is placed once more in the epicenter of a new Suppression from the managers of Power. Today as never before it must – as we must – build a Barricade against the State Offensive.

We must uphold the Anti-Authoritarian Social Front of both the desire and the need to Resist and Fight Back. A Front open to Society, the working people and all those who are suffering from the gangster style capitalist barbarity.

A Front Everywhere to Resist against Suppression.
For the defense of Free Social Spaces
For Solidarity to Immigrants and Refugees
Resistance against the Ecological Destruction caused by mining and drilling

For the Defense of the University Asylum
For the Struggle against the Anti-Social Reforms and for the Working Peoples Rights.


There is no future, the future is NOW – SLG Salouga Hostel

By Beyond Europe

Our friends and comrades in Thessaloniki are creating a new collective – a hostel in the social space Micropolis! Soon information about a crowdfunding will be published. In the meantime read the declaration, check out the FB page of SLG Salouga Hostel and leave a like!

August 2008: Airbnb is founded

2010: The company goes over 1 million subscriptions and accepts financing of 7.5 million dollars.

2011: Airbnb grows to over 5 million subscriptions.
June 2012: 10 million subscriptions.

2013: Airbnb already has offices in Ireland, London, Singapore and USA.

2014: The company accepts financing close to 500 million dollars.

2015: It reaches a valuation of 2.3 billion dollars with additional financing.

November 2015: Airbnb is not accepted in San Francisco
2016: Airbnb becomes the only company in its sector having bought all the other smaller ones.

2018: Airbnb has by now taken over all the major cities of Europe and the USA. Most homeowners choose to throw out those renting their homes and to place their home in the Airbnb platform which reaches a valuation of 38 billion.

2019: Madrid adopts a law which essentially forbids to 95% of houses to come under Airbnb.

2020: This is followed with similar laws by other European cities such as Barcelona, Milan, Paris.

2021: The valuation of Airbnb develops with slower but steady rhythm as it continues to develop around the world despite the legal limitations placed by some cities.

2022: In all European cities and metropoles, where Airbnb has been forbidden, pressure is growing to bring the platform back for development purposes by owners of properties, restaurants, bars, foreign investors, airlines and the tourism lobby.

2023: A new world economic crisis breaks out. It is fired up first by the second nuclear explosion in Fukushima, 12 years after the first. The extremely high levels of radiation in the Pacific Ocean, which destroy natural resources, result in an ocean where no exploitation can take place, all life in it either dies or gets sick, all this while cancer levels exceed all records in its coasts. As coastal areas are evacuated insurrections break out, while in the USA armed revoltsdevelop. The second reason for this is the break up of the bubble of student loans in the USA, which had reached in the USA already from 2019 1.5 trillion dollars and in 2023 it reaches 3 trillion. Studentmobilisations and occupations of universities starting in America and then in Europe are the biggest ever recorded. At the same time, a new phenomenon appears which was called by economists “mass fall out” and “mass skive”. It grew like an epidemic, especially after it expanded to mass media; persons around 25-40 “could not get up from bed”, leading this way to the greatest multisector long duration wild strikes of all time. An asymmetric attack by hackers is launched against state institutions and multinational companies. New revelations come to light after whistle blowing by members of several secret services around the world. Depression reaches 30% of world population, suicides and hunger strikes reach massive proportions.

2024-2026: An enormous war has erupted which has become known in history and human conscience as “worldwide civil war”. Extreme pauperisation leads to chain insurrections worldwide. The central slogan „The future is NOW!“ is being shouted in all languages around the world. NATO, Russia and China send international fully armed armies in the streets of metropoles and provinces; coordinated attacks with drones in occupied areas result in the death of many millions of civilians and imprisonments of many more millions. State prohibitions shut down the internet in many areas.

2027: Airbnb buys out the monopoly of privately managed prisons in the whole world, which in the context of the new state of exception penal system function also as production chains for big multinational companies, such as Amazon, aiming at a faster economic growth. Other impoverished areas have been transformed into huge lagers by states and international military organisations and their populations work in big chains of production for just a daily meal. In parallel with all this, conflicts continue around the world with somewhat lower intensity, since because of insurrections autonomous zones were created which continue to resist including evermore greater parts of population.

2028: Airbnb launches its “all inclusive trip packages”. In cooperation with Google’s big data management, it offers specially adjusted to everyone door to door trips, i.e. from the moment they leave their house until they return to it. All intermediary steps, including transportation, hotel accommodation, entertainment and food have been bought by Airbnb. Disneyworld, which has the monopoly in the spectacle industry, converts cities and metropoles in huge tourist thematic parks. Cities are equipped with “intelligent borders” for the prevention of insurrections. All this takes place with the agreement of state governments for “economic growthand anti-depression” reasons. The valuation of Airbnb explodes to 600 billion dollars.

2029: One after the other, many European metropoles such as Rome, London, Paris and Athens are bought by Airbnb. The historic centers of cities are converted for rent by rich locals and tourists, while the lowerclass is obliged to live outside the center in production lines in the suburbs and live in overercrowded buildings or encampments. Their possibility to move is limited, except for higher level company employees able to travel through Airbnb in poorer countries. Any protest, if not quashed before it even appears due to extreme controland collection of information, is put down brutally by international armies that have replaced the police in the streets of cities, in addition to the newly established U.O.M.A. (Units for Order Maintenance Airbnb).

2030: And then, when we had thought that all was finished, some glimpses of freedom appeared. Antiauthoritarian groups and communities, pushed to the edges of cities, since living in the center was impossible if you were not rich, decide to join together and prepare one last plan. Feverishsecret processes in encrypted communications and collaboration at global level are following. All those who have continued participating in movements decide to create from below conditions of living and housing against the monopoly of Airbnb. Selforganized structures of hospitality are created with rules of resistance to the wave of tourism and uprooting of people, which cater to those who want to visit various cities in Europe, and exchange experiences and ideas on whether another world is finally possible. In Thessaloniki, this starts from the (since 2025)occupied autonomous zone of Aristotle University , a movement conducted via the underground tunnels and catacombs toward the center of the city. Finally, the until 2023 Free social space Micropolis, is occupied with the intention to create a center of the struggle against Airbnb and expand the autonomous community into the centre of the city. SLG Hostel takes form.

Όταν η ιστορία μαθαίνει από το κίνημα

By Αντώνης Χατζήκυριακου

2ο Αυτόνομο Σχολείο Ιούνης 2017: Όταν η ιστορία μαθαίνει από το κίνημα

Στο δεύτερο αυτόνομο σχολείο του Ιούνη, θα συζητήσουμε με τον ιστορικό / οθωμανολόγο Αντώνη Χατζήκυριακου: " Όταν η ιστορία μαθαίνει από το κίνημα: από την οικονομική στην περιβαλλοντική ιστορία και από την Κύπρο στη Μαδέιρα"


Όταν η ιστορία μαθαίνει από το κίνημα

By Αντώνης Χατζήκυριακου

2ο Αυτόνομο Σχολείο Ιούνης 2017: Όταν η ιστορία μαθαίνει από το κίνημα

Στο δεύτερο αυτόνομο σχολείο του Ιούνη, θα συζητήσουμε με τον ιστορικό / οθωμανολόγο Αντώνη Χατζήκυριακου: " Όταν η ιστορία μαθαίνει από το κίνημα: από την οικονομική στην περιβαλλοντική ιστορία και από την Κύπρο στη Μαδέιρα"


Οι Εξορύξεις Σε Ελλάδα – Κύπρο Και Η Απάντηση Των Κοινοτήτων

By Dayanışma

Οι Εξορύξεις Σε Ελλάδα – Κύπρο Και Η Απάντηση Των Κοινοτήτων

Παρασκευή 27 Μάη 2017, στις 18:00 στα πλαίσια του αντιεξουσιαστικού φεστιβάλ B-FEST6 στην Ελλάδα


Οι Εξορύξεις Σε Ελλάδα – Κύπρο Και Η Απάντηση Των Κοινοτήτων

By Dayanışma

Οι Εξορύξεις Σε Ελλάδα – Κύπρο Και Η Απάντηση Των Κοινοτήτων

Παρασκευή 27 Μάη 2017, στις 18:00 στα πλαίσια του αντιεξουσιαστικού φεστιβάλ B-FEST6 στην Ελλάδα


Που το Σιάτλ στο Αμβούργο

By Συσπείρωση Ατάκτων

Αυτόνομο Σχολείο Μάη 2017

Που το Σιάτλ στο Αμβούργο

Με αφορμή τη συνάντηση των G20 στο Αμβούργο τον Ιούλιο του 2017 και τις κινητοποιήσεις που διοργανώνονται στο Αμβούργο εκείνες τις μέρες, αφιερώνουμε το αυτόνομο σχολείο του Μαίου για να συζητήσουμε την ιστορία των κινητοποιήσεων του κινήματος παγκόσμιας δικαιοσύνης, ξεκινώντας από το Σιάτλ το 1999 και φτάνοντας μέχρι το Αμβούργο.