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Avli’s Comments on the Long Term Low Greenhouse Gas Emission Development Strategy

By nikolasmichael96


A focused, just, and monitorable plan for net-zero

For the Long-Term Strategy to truly achieve net-zero, it needs to be focused. It must have specific timelines and boundaries. It must appropriately balance the reduction, removal, and offset of emissions. It must include contingency plans in case measures are delayed and technologies are not deployed as fast as assumed.

The LTS needs to be just. Cyprus has an above-average GDP per capita and above-average greenhouse gas emissions per capita. Our contribution to the solution ought to match our contribution to the problem. Small Island Developing States have committed to using 100% renewable energy by 2030. There is no excuse for us not to match the ambition of these countries. Moreover, our goals must not be undermined by our actions — for instance, by depending on the extraction of fossil fuels outside our borders.

The LTS needs to be monitorable. Of course, global changes in the economy, technology, and society will affect how the LTS is implemented. A plan for monitoring is necessary to detect any divergence from the original trajectory as early as possible in order to enable the necessary course correction. The LTS must be accompanied by a timeline of action, with specific milestones and deadlines. In addition, the LTS will need to be expanded beyond 2050 in due course, with an ultimate aim of moving towards net-negative emissions.

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